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Haley in a Tuk Tuk

Beautiful people. Everyone one of them.

Okay only 3 photos at a time??? Really? Someone tell me how to be more efficient with this posting!ImageImage

Dos tostadas y un chuchito = 12 Quetzales = $1.80


This is what we wake up to in the morning. Sunny south facing volcano! Foggy/rainy yesterday but crystal clear this morn. Step 1: Enjoy view and breathe fresh cool air. About 64 degrees.


Maria Elena was our shared teacher for the day. Tomorrow Haley will continue with Maria Elena and I will have my own teacher.

We learn in a garden – it’s beautiful. Attaching photos on another blog. Having troubles attaching multiple photos to a post and then writing about it on the same one.  Perhaps that is why I should  buy the premium version….

The afternoon was a hoot.  A jaunt on a chicken bus….a ride on a tuk tuk…photos attached. Went to the original Capital of Guatamala that was covered with an explosion a long time ago. Haley thought he said in 1541 and I thought he said 1941. Who knows?  Toured an old cemetery and church and saw some kids running a race through town.

Went to the Super Mercado and bought Gatorade, yogurt, brown eggs, beers, more beer and a few things we think are premixed cocktails. Oh and some cream cheese, two avocados, one red pepper. Creative cooking…Jerk eggs?

Sitting on patio and having a beer right now (photos on next blog). Homework awaits and then a shower and then a trip out for dinner.